Show Off the Best Parts of Your Property

Set up a home virtual tour for your listing in Rome, NY

Selling a home has changed with the advancement of technology. In-person showings are still important, but many buyers take advantage of home virtual tours to preview a property before they even think about booking a showing. This helps the buyer ensure they're really interested in the home, so they don't waste the seller's time.

Legendary Fire Media in Rome, NY can create a home virtual tour for your property. With a full online tour, buyers will be able to see your property in full. Email us today to set up photography for a home or commercial building virtual tour.

Learn more about our virtual tours

Are you interested in having a virtual tour available of your property? A home virtual tour package includes:

  • A walkthrough to determine what shots to take
  • A complete virtual tour of the property
  • Labeling, information tags, links to (emails, Social media, etc)
  • (+$50)Lead Generation - Get an alert when someone is requesting information. You will have their name, phone number and email.
  • 25 different shots of the property's interior
  • 360-degree camera shots of the property

Our experienced photographer will make sure all the best parts of your property are highlighted for your residential or commercial building virtual tour, so selling is as easy as possible. Speak to our photographer today about your options.

For rentals like Airbnb's and Bed and Breakfast businesses we would recommend you join our monthly Legendary Fire Insurance Plan for $29.99.

This plan is perfect for insurance purposes to show the status of the current property before any damage or theft. Additionally, if you plan to make changes on the interior/exterior and want it to be added to the virtual tour. The monthly plan also comes with:

  • Up to 3 reshoots of new/changed areas or add-ons to the existing virtual tour.
  • Unlimited edits to information tags/clickable points on the tour.