Selling a Property in Rome, NY?

Create a drone video recording to highlight your entire property

Drone video recordings open up lots of opportunities to give viewers a different perspective on a property or event. Legendary Fire Media in Rome, NY creates 30 to 60 second videos for clients who want to showcase their listings.

Our real estate aerial videos are an amazing way to make sure your property makes a lasting impression. We shoot with the Mavic 3 Cine and the DJI Avata drones and professionally edit your video for just $199.

Highlight your property from the sky

Have an event you'd like to advertise? Want to give potential buyers a bird's eye view of your property? Turn to us. We can:

  • Record events to create great promo videos
  • Create videos to showcase the exterior and interior of homes
  • Video large properties to give potential buyers an overview of the land

Highlighting details like roofs that are in great shape can help sell a home, so aerial drone video recording can give your property an edge. For more information on our real estate aerial videos, reach out to us today.